Head Massage30 / 60-min300 / 550 Baht net
A Relaxing head massage to reduce head ache from stress or tiredness. Enjoy with lavender therapy oil while pressing along head line.  
Anti-Stress Back & Shoulder30 / 60-min300 / 550 Baht net
Massage to concentrate on the tired neck, back and shoulder area; to relieve and prevent soreness with special techniques on the pressure points.  
Relaxing Foot Massage30 / 60-min300 / 550 Baht net
The feet and legs massage with pressure point therapy. Help to relief stress from jet lag, improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. Lie back and feel the totally relaxing  
Aroma Oil Massage60 / 90 /120-min550/800 / 1,000 Baht net
A gentle massage uses blended essential oils which are penetrative and soothe nerve endings, improving blood circulation as it is absorbed through the skin with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and essential oils. This massage gives tremendous calming effect.  You can choose your favorite oil at the spa : Relax, Recharge or Rejuvenate.  
Traditional Thai Acupressure60 / 90 /120-min550/800 / 1,000 Baht net
This traditional clothed massage has the benefits to promote healing and relaxing. To stimulate blood flow, release tension on the muscle and toxins. This massage is a deep or medium oil-free full body treatment, focuses on pressure points along the energy channels and gentle stretching.  
Up & Down60 / 90 / 120-min550/800 / 1,000 Baht net
A lovely combination of Head and Foot Massage follow by a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. 
Body Sunburn Relief60-min550 Baht net
This treatment has been specifically designed to rejuvenate tired and damaged skin from sun kiss with lavender essential oil compress purifying mask and soothing your burned body with fresh Aloe Vera gel massage. 
Hair & Scalp Treatment30 / 60-min 350 / 600 Baht net
This cheerful treatment use hot pure coconut oil drop on your scalp, incorporating pressure points to melt away tension and relieve stress. Coconut oil provides your hair a shiny complexion, nourishing, help in the re-growth of damaged hair and free of dandruff.
Facial Treatment30* / 60-min600 / 1,000 Baht net

Natural Face Care; all the best ingredients go to this simple facial care that remove the impurity. Fresh cucumber, royal honey, brown sugar and fresh aloe vera are used. Fine massage techniques relax facial muscles and bring life back. (*exclude mask)

Hydrocrystal Facial Treatment ; This perfect combination of Nanogold, SIRT3 concept, HYA, and Eincorn Extract which will quickly absorbed into your skin like water does. It enables to revitalize skin cells in genetic level, retain aging signs and prolong your skin quality. Your skin will look completely luminous and become more freshly and lively again. (*exclude mask)

Facial Soothing Sunburn Relief  The ultimate calming and rejuvenating facial, perfect for skin that has been exposed to Phuket sunlight. Each ingredient is designed to enhance the hydrating and nourishing of your skin with soothing Aloe, Cucumber and Vitamin E. (*exclude mask)

Body Polish*30 / 60-min600 / 1,000 Baht net

Pineapple has plenty of fruit acid. This makes your skin firm smooth and bright naturally. Get rid of dusky skin and nourished skin to brightening.

Coconut is great for normal to dry skin and with a pleasant and gentle aroma is used to remove dead and dull skin while nourishing and brightening it. Protects skin from sun kissed.

Jasmine Rice milk is effectively cleanses and exfoliates the skin. Revitalize dull skin and refine, leaving the skin soft and smooth from body to Toes.

Pink berry is mix of strawberry, raspberry and cherry.

Coffee is the most ultimate emulsion detoxifies and Re-mineralizes dry.

Sesame This treatment is suitable for dry skin. The white & black sesame remove the dead cells as well as soften and lighten your skin in the same time.

Fruity Aroma salt is suitable for dry skin. Use natural Thai salt with almond oil and extracting of fruit, turmeric or tamarind.

                                                                                    (*complimentary body lotion massage)

Body Mask & Therapeutic Wrap30 / 60-min650 / 1,200 Baht net

Aloe Gel
Moisten your skin with this natural Aloe Vera that pampers you with nourishing vitamins and conditioning elements to aid skin repair, Ideal for glowing skin.

Milky Honey
Great moisturizer, rich in vitamin C, a variety of B vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which are wonderful beauty aids that nourish the skin, helps keep skin hydrated and fresh and prevents drying, keeps the skin young-looking, radiant, and smooth, protects the skin from the damage of the sun's rays.

White Clay
White clay is just the case of “long time forgotten” treatment. Our forefathers had used this material predominantly in medicine. White clay’s masks are extremely effective as they clean the skin improving the oxygen inflow. It does perfectly with oily and problem skins.

Spirulina Cellulite Body Wrap
This wrap aids in detoxifying the body while encouraging cellular metabolism. Spirulina reduces cellulite and has been known to have a slimming effect. This treatment can also remineralize the body, smoothes and hydrates the skin, stimulates circulation, and relaxes the body and mind.

If you’ve never tried a chocolate clay body wrap, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Chocolate body wraps are becoming more and more popular at up-scale spas and salons because of their powerful antioxidant benefits and delicious aroma. Some of the benefits of chocolate clay include: Cocoa helps moisturize and soften the skin, help remove wrinkles, rich antioxidant and reduce sensations of stress.

Aroma Manicure30 - 45-min350 Baht net
Hands are soaked in thermal water and bergamot essential oils prior to exfoliation. Complimenatry nails color.
Aroma Pedicure30 - 45-min350 Baht net
This treatment begins with a foot soak in thermal mineral salts enhanced with bergamot oil. Complimentary nails color.
Shade of the MANDI-PEDICURE60 - 90-min600 Baht net
Foot skin peeling30 - 45-min500 Baht net
Make your feet skin look younger, begins with a foot soak in herbal water enhanced with bergamot oil and say good bye for the old skin. 
Elegant Foot Spa90 - 120-min1,300 Baht net
A mixture of Pedicure - Foot Exfoliate - Wrap - Foot Massage - Feet skin Peeling.
Sauna30 - 45-min300 Baht net
Sabay Arom                                                                                    2-hour
Single /Couple1000/1900 Baht net
Herbal foot bath + Thai Back Massage + Aroma oil Massage + Foot Massage + Relaxing Neck & Shoulder + Refreshment
Wonderful  moment                                                                        2-hour
1100/2100 Baht net
Herbal foot bath +Thai Back Massage + Thai Relaxing Massage + Head Massage + Relaxing Neck & Shoulder + Refreshment
Passion of Summer                                                                         2-hour
Single /Couple 1400/2700 Baht net
Herbal foot bath + Body Sunburn Relief + Facial Soothing Sunburn Relief + Relaxing Neck & Shoulder + Refreshment
Back Pain Relieve                                                                         2.5-hourSingle /Couple1400/2700 Baht net
Sauna + Thai balm Massage - Back, Neck, Scapular & Shoulder + Aroma Massage – Back, Scapular & Shoulder + Relaxing Thai Massage + Head Massage + Relaxing Neck & Shoulder + Refreshment
Tropical Paradise                                                                          2.5-hourSingle /Couple1650/3100 Baht net
Sauna + coconut juice + Coconut Body Scrub + Coconut Oil Massage + Scalp Massage + Relaxing Neck & Shoulder + Refreshment
Oriental blends                                                                               3-hour
Single /Couple 1750/3300 Baht net
Sauna + Choice of Body Scrub + Nuad Thai Acupressure + Foot Massage + Relaxing Neck & Shoulder + Refreshment
Paradise Hideaway                                                                           3-hour
Single /Couple2200/4100 Baht net
Sauna + Aroma Salt Scrub/Wrap + Aroma oil Massage + Natural Face care + Relaxing Neck & Shoulder + Refreshment
Happy Journey                                                                             3.5-hour
Single /Couple2500/4750 Baht net
Sauna + Choice of Body wrap + Body Sunburn Relief + Foot Massage + Relaxing Neck & Shoulder + Refreshment
Sea Sand Sun                                                                               3.5-hour
Single /Couple 
2700/5100 Baht net
Sauna + Choice of Body Scrub + Aroma oil Massage + Facial Soothing Sunburn Relief + Relaxing Neck & Shoulder + Refreshment
Elite                                                                                            4.5-hour
Single /Couple2700/5100 Baht net
Sauna + Nuad Thai Acupressure + Aroma oil Massage + Foot Massage + Facial Treatment + Head Massage + Relaxing Neck & Shoulder + Refreshment

KATA DAY SPA is blessed with professional trained staffs,

all committed to making your experience unforgettable. Our qualified
staff is fully certified and educated from PHUKET TRADITIONAL
THAI MASSAGE SCHOOL. You will feel satisfied to expect.

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